Cruise 10.0R Electric Outboard, Extra Long Shaft, Remote Steering

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Torqeedo's Cruise 10.0 delivers smooth, powerful performance as the flagship of the Cruise series.

Fast and powerful, the motor was designed to feature the easy handling of a 48V system while delivering the thrust of a 20 hp combustion outboard. The Cruise 10.0R is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of daily use, and it features all the advantages of a Torqeedo high-tech drive system.

Key Features

  • 12kW peak output, 10kW continuous output – powerful propulsion comparable to a 20hp combustion engine
  • Minimum weight with maximum performance
  • Intelligent onboard computer and the full convenience of a Torqeedo electric drive system
  • Very robust design – corrosion-protected, seawater-capable and completely waterproof (IP67)
  • Operates with a remote battery bank, lithium or AGM/lead acid batteries
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Input Power: 10,000W
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Output Power: 5,600W (20hp equivalent propulsive power; 25hp equivalent thrust)
  • Static Thrust: 315lb.
  • Shaft Length: 24 7/8”L
  • Remote Control: Yes (remote throttle)
  • Battery Type: External (sold separately)
  • Max. Propeller Speed: 1,400rpm
  • Steering Type: Provision to connect to standard remote steering; lockable
  • Tilt: Electrohydraulic tilt device with overload protection (+-65°)
  • Trim: Manual, four-step
  • Weight: 137.5lb.


Cruise 10.0R Electric Outboard, Extra Long Shaft, Remote Steering
Name : Value
Battery Life : 48 Minutes Full-Throttle
8 Hours 20 Minutes Slow Speed
Best Use : Cruise
Comparable Horsepower : 20 Horsepower
Features : Remote Capable
Input Power : 10000 Watts
Length : 25 Inches
Output Power : 5600 Watts
Thrust : 315 Pounds
Type : Cruise Outboards
Voltage : 48 Volts DC
Warranty Details : Two Years
Weight : 138 Pounds

Two-year limited warranty